16 Best Nightclubs in Miami to party all night (2022)

Where to party in Miami? In this section we will talk about some of the most famous nightclubs, clubs, bars and restaurants open all night. Also the best neighborhoods and areas with nightlife. If you go to Miami, you should not miss one of its main attractions: Miami nightlife.

Clubs in South Beach (Miami Beach)

Nikki Beach

One of the most famous and exclusive clubs in Miami. The most important nights are Sundays, when the nightclub takes place (from 11 to 5 pm). It’s a fantastic place and quite elitist, with different areas with bar, pub and restaurant.

Address : 1 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

LIV Nightclub

This is a large and very popular club. The music style can vary depending on the day of the week but in general it is house, hip-hop and rock. The most famous DJ’s pass by its tracks: DJ Tiesto, David Guetta. LIV offers private rooms and vip boxes. It’s a pretty exclusive spot, so it has a pretty strict admission fee. Buy your tickets in advance and dress up if you want to have a crazy night at LIV Night Club

Address : 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Mango Tropical Café

It stands out for its jungle-style decoration. Ideal for those who want to spend a night of crazy party to the rhythm of Latin music. You will find gogos, loud music and tropical cocktails. The musical style of this club is very varied but always has a Latin tone. At Mango Tropical Café (known as Mangos), you can dance salsa, merengue, reggeton, bachata and samba until the wee hours of the morning. There is often a band and dance performances.

Address : 900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Story

Among the creators of the LIV, The Story is another of Miami’s best known and most popular nightclubs. A good place to party and dance to the beats of the best DJs of the moment. It’s important to book tickets well in advance, as the most popular DJs sell out in a very short time.

Address : 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


We come to the Mynt to see and be seen: with a bit of luck, you’ll surely be able to roll the R’s with Ricky Martin, discuss blow-drying with Paris Hilton, or your latest short film with Sean Penn. If not, you can always choreograph with some local figures in micro sequined dresses. The clientele is young and the atmosphere is electric. The club doesn’t get old either, with a million-dollar makeover every summer; one more reason to get dressed up.

Address : 1921 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Bâoli Miami

Bâoli Miami is located in the heart of South Beach, and this club has been attracting a crowd that likes to party all night. The venue’s capacity is 1,500 people, and it features a large dance floor with plenty of room to let loose.

This nightclub offers up Electronic Dance Music (EDM) every weekend with some big names like DJ Snake and Martin Garrix performing here so you can expect to hear some hits as well as discover new music!

Bâoli also has a very strict dress code which includes no athletic gear or shorts on men; women should wear dresses or skirts that fall below their knees when sitting down.

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Adress : 1906 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Do Not Sit On the Furniture

To avoid being a “party pooper”, do not sit on the furniture. This nightclub is very popular in Miami, so make sure you get there early to avoid long lines. Do Not Sit On the Furniture is located in Wynwood Arts District and opens Thursday through Saturday from 10pm – 6am. The club offers its patrons an amazing setting that has been dubbed “the most fun nightclub ever.” You will feel like you’re at a carnival when you enter this spot ; it’s full of bright colors and flashing lights everywhere! If you want to have an exciting night out with friends while partying all night long, then this is the place for you!

Address : 423 16th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139,

E11even Miami

E11even Miami is a nightclub located in the city’s Midtown district. It is one of the most popular clubs in Miami, with over 5,000 guests attending each night. The club has four floors and an open roof terrace that allows you to enjoy views of the surrounding skyline.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience then E11even Miami is definitely worth checking out!

Address : 29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132

Nightlife in Downtown Miami

In the city center, there are many nightclubs and afterhours. The place to go if you are looking for a non-stop party.

In Downtown Miami, there are less elite clubs with more affordable prices and, although they lack the glamour of South Beach, they are ideal for a night of dancing until the sun comes up.

Clubs in Downtown Miami and the Design District


Live concerts, record showcases, DJs and other music-related activities are what this nightclub in Wynwood’s Design District offers. The place tries to fill a musical void, here you can dance to funk, rock, electronic, blues… At Bardot Miami, cocktails cost about 14 dollars, which makes them cheaper than most clubs in South Beach. The most alternative and underground club in town.

Address : N Miami Avenue et NW 34th street Miami, FL 33127

Club Space

Miami’s Club Space is synonymous with dance music and is also a well-known and popular venue. It’s an old warehouse converted into a nightclub with a large main dance hall and a secondary one. You will find resident and guest DJ’s there and their musical style is more electronic: dance, house, techno… It is located north of downtown and due to its popularity, it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Address : 34 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132


Located in the W hotel, the Wall is a small club, which favors a clientele in its thirties. One does not enter there like in a mill, but the physios appreciate nevertheless more a pretty pair of legs. The music is quite “commercial”, between hip hop and house, and Tuesdays are reserved for “Favela Beach” nights, a great night out.

Address : 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Other nightclubs and pubs in Miami

The people who gather in the Coconut Grove area are less elitist than in South Beach. This is where the younger crowd moves and the prices are a little tighter. It’s a good spot to have a few drinks in some of its many pubs

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There are other places where you can find clubs in Miami, below we will see the most popular.

Clubs in Miami Beach


The zany is master in this bar-restaurant open every day. Gogo dancers in leather pants waddling to Michael Jackson hits, waitresses in pink leopard suits serving maxi mojitos, Mango’s attracts as many regulars as it does tourists, who machine gun to their hearts’ content.
Hip hop, salsa, R&B, and even zouk sounds played in bulk and high decibels will finish to relax the most stuck up. The proposed shows are sometimes crazy, but the concept remains refreshing. We are in Miami Beach after all.

Address : 900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Miami also has a place for the insatiable who want to continue their night out at the time when mothers get up at 5am. The Space is not located in Miami Beach but in Downtown, and close enough to the “Beach” that you can hop in a cab to continue your crazy night out.

You can end the night, or start the day, to the jerky rhythm of house/techno/transom. The club is open every Saturday night from 10pm, and you can go out until 2pm on Sunday afternoons – watch your eyes, it’s daytime. Open since 2000, Miami’s Space is still going strong, becoming as famous as its older brother in Ibiza.

Miami Nightlife

Miami has some of the best nightclubs in the world: wild parties in very sophisticated places where people dance until the early hours of the morning.

Many tourists who visit Miami are attracted to its beaches and nightlife. The South Beach area of Miami Beach is one of the strongest spot to party in Miami. These are neighborhoods whose streets are full of clubs, discos and restaurants open all night. Another interesting area is the Design District, where it is easy to find parties and live concerts. Also, don’t forget Coconut Groove, one of the best places to start the night with a few drinks.

Party Tips

Some states in the U.S. prohibit the sale of alcohol to people under 21, such as Miami-Dale. Clubs and nightclubs are also restricted, so we recommend that you be well-dressed and have documentation. In other words, take your passport with you as many places ask for documentation. Avoid going out in bathing suits or flip-flops (unless it is a pool party).

Areas to go out
In Miami, there are several areas where the nightlife is concentrated. The most popular and recommended are listed below. You’ll also find a list of the best clubs and nightclubs where you can have an unforgettable night.

Finding the right nightclub lounge is no easy task, but it’s not a daunting one either.

Finding the right nightclub lounge is no easy task, but it’s not a daunting one either. The key is to find a club that fits your needs and tastes.

You should look for a club that has the music you like, whether it’s pop or techno or jazz or something else! You should also look for a club whose atmosphere suits your personality. Do you want to dance? Or would you rather watch from afar? Do you want people hanging out at tables and having conversations over cocktails, or do you prefer mingling with strangers on the dance floor? The right nightclub lounge will have all of these things for everyone who visits!

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Partying in South Beach

This is the most popular area to party. In South Beach, you’ll find the boardwalk known as “Ocean Drive” right on the waterfront. Ocean Drive is full of restaurants and pubs where you can have a drink, it is a good place to start the night before visiting the clubs. On Ocean Drive you will find Nikki, a world famous club.

We recommend a walk down Washington Avenue, the perfect spot to pick up some flyers and decide which club or nightclub to go to, as well as to take advantage of some of the discounts that are included in this type of brochure. On Washington Avenue is the largest nightclub in the city: Icon (formerly The Mansion). This is a “very cool area” and a bit elitist. If you are looking for that kind of party, this is the place to go.

The best bars in Miami are all over the city. Find one near you!

The best bars in Miami are all over the city. This is because, if you’re looking for a great bar, there are few better places to drink than Miami. From Ocean Drive to Little Haiti and everywhere in between, you can find an incredible selection of bars of all shapes, sizes and themes. If you’re just starting out on your bar-hopping journey, here are some suggestions for where to start:

  • The Broken Shaker is known all over town as one of the best cocktail bars around. It’s located at 2201 Collins Ave., right on South Beach’s buzzy Ocean Drive strip but far enough away not be part of any tourist trap action (though they do have their own share). You’ll definitely want reservations because this place gets packed pretty quickly!
  • Blackbird Ordinary might just be our favorite spot in Wynwood (that neighborhood where everyone goes these days!). It has both food from Chef Kevin Coryell and drinks from mixologists Alex Rodriguez and Misty Kalkofen—who also founded the bar—so it’s got something for everyone! Plus there’s always live music playing so even if you don’t like what they’re playing on Sunday nights, there will soon be someone else worth listening too once that set ends.”

Questions and Answers about Miami nightlife

What is the most exclusive club in Miami?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are many exclusive clubs in Miami. Some of the most exclusive clubs in Miami include the 1 Hotel South Beach, the Faena Hotel, and the Soho Beach House.  

What part of Miami has the best clubs?

  There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different preferences. However, some popular areas for clubs in Miami include South Beach, Downtown Miami, and Wynwood.


This is just a sample of what is out there. If you are looking for a spot to party, you can always find one in Miami. The best thing about this city is that it’s full of people who want to have fun and enjoy life!

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