20 Fantastic happy hours bar in Williamsburg

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern

749 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern: A Unique and Cozy Spot in Brooklyn

If you’re looking for a relaxed and comfortable hangout spot in Brooklyn But Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern is the ideal spot. The restaurant is located on Metropolitan Ave, this neighborhood drinking spot offers a relaxed environment, warm service and tasty meals and beverages. There is the option to indulge in delicious and innovative versions of pub food dishes and sip delicious drinks while chatting with of your buddies or making new acquaintances. The bartenders who are knowledgeable are always ready for chat and will suggest the perfect cocktail to suit your mood and taste preferences. The beautiful and rustic interior makes you feel like you’ve found a treasure within the heart of Brooklyn.

My Experience at Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern

I recently went to Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern with some of my friends, and we had a great time. As soon as we arrived the warm and welcoming team made us feel as if we were regulars. We began by sampling some of the tap beers which were all excellent and we then tried a few of the cocktails that were equally outstanding. Hot honey-chicken sandwiches were one of the highlights on the menu, however everything else we tasted was delicious and tasty. The setting was comfortable and intimate and just enough lighting and music. Bartenders were knowledgeable and friendly, and they were able to keep conversations flowing throughout our time at the bar. Overall, I’d highly endorse Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern to anyone who is looking for an unusual and comfortable place in Brooklyn to unwind and enjoy fun.

We Got Company

441 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
We Got Company is a stylish watering hole in 441 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. It delights customers by offering outdoor seating, delicious food, signature cocktails and draft beers. It is a great spot for those looking to relax after a long day with a group of friends.

I recently went to We Got Company and was extremely impressed by the charming atmosphere of the venue. The music was energetic and created a wonderful atmosphere for a relaxing evening with colleagues. The bartenders were welcoming however one fooled us by let the ice melt in my drink, without taking out the water. My friend, however, has a job as bartender and she was aware of the. She was elated by the bartender from the cowboy era who was on another day, claiming that he had more experience and didn’t overlook any detail. The Strawberry note and Thinking about cocktails that the bartender suggested were different and had a punch from the habanero agave as well as pepper, yet they were extremely silky smooth. I was awed by the bartender’s skills at shaking and the excellent service provided by the bar staff. They even divided our last round into two glasses to share with us, without needing to ask. As a conclusion, I would highly would recommend We Got Company for the excellent service, the unique cocktails and the relaxing atmosphere. Thank you to the bartender for making our night memorable.

Bar Beau

61 Withers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Bar Beau, located at 61 Withers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, is a stylish cafe that transforms into a restaurant-meets-cocktail bar at night. The atmosphere is cozy and romantic with comfy seating in The back of the restaurant, lighting dim and a minimalistic design. The menu is filled with creative cocktails, as well as a reasonable wine menu, in addition to smaller portions and meals to share. The restaurant has the perfect balance between an establishment and a bar simultaneously creating an experience that is unique to dining.

I recently was privileged to visit Bar Beau on a winter evening and it was by far the most pleasant dining outdoors experience I’ve ever had. The four tables on the outdoor patio provided plenty of space between guests and the warm heat lamp and chair covers ensured that I was warm. The service was courteous and professional while the meal was delicious. I would highly suggest the corn and scallop fritters as a start off, followed by green risotto, and then the shrimp Udon. The chocolate walnut crumbs croissant cakes were the best end to a delicious dinner. Bar Beau is a neighborhood spot and booking a table is simple. The coffee is great too and was my favorite spot to walk to work on my commute. Overall, I would highly would recommend Bar Beau for a unique dining experience with great drinks, food as well as ambiance and service.


155 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pokito is a fantastic bar situated at the address of 155 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211. It serves its patrons with an array of drinks that are infused with Latin-Asian creativity that are served in cozy and comfortable seating configurations. With whitewashed brick walls in the back of the venue, it has a trendy and modern design, and adds an unique way to experience. The staff is welcoming and offers friendly service which improves patrons their overall experience at the bar. If it’s a happy hour or casual night out with your friends, Pokito offers a one-of-a-kind ambience, and a perfect setting for any occasion.

I was fortunate enough to visit Pokito bar in the last week and I can say that it was a great spot to enjoy an evening out with friends. The bar was stocked with a range of cocktails to choose from and I chose to test the Lolita one, which was suggested by one of their helpful bartenders. The bartender was right! It was just gorgeous to look at but also fresh and unique flavor to it. The bar’s setting was warm, making it a perfect spot to sit down and relax while enjoying my drink. The staff were extremely friendly and served my drinks with style and precision. The quirky atmosphere of the bar made for a fun atmosphere and provided a refreshing break from my daily routine. I’d recommend Pokito bar to anyone seeking a thrilling and original experience. It is definitely worth a visit.


149 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
MIDNIGHTS is a cozy bar that is located in the middle of Brooklyn, New York. This charming bar serves cocktails made from scratch as well as a patio for those who like drinking outside. On Fridays and Saturdays the dance floor in the basement is open for a night full of entertainment and fun. MIDNIGHTS is a fantastic choice to those looking for an intimate and relaxed atmosphere with a great selection of drinks.

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When I visited MIDNIGHTS I had mixed opinions about the establishment. Although the cocktails were tasty and the prices for happy hour affordable, they did taste somewhat watered-down. The Phone Negroni, which is not alcoholic, was a interesting and unique choice. However the odd guy wearing the Yankees cap made us feel uncomfortable while the man walked around taking pictures of everyone and acting like they owned the place. Also, when it came due to be paid, the server was able to add three drinks we didn’t have to order to our bill. While the bartender rectified the mistake quickly and was very pleasant however, overall the restaurant was a bit spooky and I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends. The outdoor patio at the back was a nice addition and offered a place for those who prefer drinking outside.


141 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

OTB is a chic and modern restaurant situated at the 141st floor of Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211. They offer hand-crafted cocktails as well as bar bites and international dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most refined tastes. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff are friendly, attentive and welcoming. If you’re looking for an exciting place to have a drink or a spot to relax after an exhausting day at working, OTB is the perfect spot.

I recently went to OTB and was amazed by their cocktail menu items and bar snacks. The oysters were delicious and fresh while the burger sauce perfectly cooked. While the portions were not huge in comparison to the cost however, it was worthwhile. The ambience was cozy and warm and the staff were warm and friendly. I would recommend this restaurant to enjoy a date night or to gather with friends.


58 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Guarapo is a relaxed restaurant that is located in 58 North 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 offering vibrant Latin American cuisine and cocktails. The vibe is lively and welcoming, ideal to enjoy a night out with family or for an event. Guarapo’s food Guarapo is delicious and the portions are huge.

I was recently in Guarapo with my girlfriends for a girls night out, and we had a blast. There was an amazing menu. Grilled fish, Grilled seafood, shrimp empanada and fried yucca were amazing. The music and ambience were great, but the waitress was too attuned. She would constantly come at our table to inquire whether we had finished, despite the fact that we were eating food and we were still talking. Apart from that the food was delicious from the food to the service and the warmth. The restaurant is accessible for wheelchairs, with no steps at the entry point making it a breeze for everyone to take advantage of. I highly suggest Guarapo to anyone who is looking for tasty Latin American food and a wonderful ambience.

Reclamation Bar

817 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Reclamation Bar can be described as a distinct location in Brooklyn that is proud of the use of recycled materials for its interior. The dark and sombre atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy a drink after work or to time with friends. The signature cocktails they serve are worth trying and whiskey enthusiasts will be delighted by the variety of whiskey-related options. The only issue is that the menu isn’t that great, but it’s a great place for a quick drink.

I recently went to Reclamation Bar with a group of my friends. I was excited to sample the drinks after reading positive reviews. However, my experience immediately ruined when I ran into one bartenders. I spotted an unopened credit card in the floor and handed the card to him, however instead of acknowledging my generosity I was accused as being rude, and threaten me with violence. Then I attempted to clarify my situation several occasions, however he remained to not respond to me throughout the remainder evening. It was a bit disappointing to have an unpleasant experience in an otherwise excellent place. Despite the incident, bartenders in the other bars were welcoming and the bar was a warm atmosphere.


595 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Thief is a contemporary alternative to the classic bar in the neighborhood that allows you to relive the time you spent at your favourite bar. The address is 595 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, Thief has design that is influenced from the 80’s NYC graffiti art, music and scene. The bar offers a unique atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. The menu is a mix of classic cocktails, extensive wine selections as well as a menu that is elevated including Smoked Ham & Gruyere Sandwiches and Vegan mini Corn Dogs. You’ll be impressed by the helpful staff who will make your stay at Thief enjoyable!

I recently went to Thief along with a few of my friends on a cold Wednesday evening and had a blast! The decor was stunning and the festive cocktails were delicious and it was a great place to soak in the festive atmosphere. Although there was a line for us, we were told to sit outside, however it was not very warm and we waited for fifteen minutes with no one offering water. We were able to sit inside the restaurant, which was more comfortable, as well as the food was great. We sipped on drinks and snacked on bite-sized snacks, which were delectable, but costly. In the end, Thief is an excellent location for a romantic spot for a romantic evening or to meet time with friends, due to its distinct atmosphere and warm staff that make it worth a stop.

The Richardson

451 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Richardson is an obscure gem that is located in the center of Brooklyn with a smoky vibe. The bar is a specialist in cocktails. off-the-beaten-path East Williamsburg bar is a frequent choice for residents as well as visitors. The menu at the bar is creative and provides delicious options for drinks and appetizers that are delicious. With a friendly and welcoming staff, the Richardson is a great place to relax, be it alone as well as with your group of people. It is located at the 451 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222, this place provides a wonderful outdoor space and a cozy indoor space which captures the essence the relaxation.

The Richardson is certainly worth a visit while you are in Brooklyn. When I was there I had the hummus platter, smoked Pigs in a Blanket, olive medley and suggested French wine. The food was excellent and the service of Bartender Steve as well as server Hayley were flawless. The outdoor seating arrangements were amazing and the music was a great addition to the intimate atmosphere at the bar. It was clear the reason why Richardson has been so successful over the last 14 years. While we were there we had a 30 person wedding reception which was a great experience. The space was private and was able to accommodate all of our guests effortlessly and served delicious food as well as refreshing drinks. I would recommend this elegant place to anyone who is looking for one of the most delicious cocktails in the city, an outdoor pool table at the rear, as well as great music. I’d definitely go back to The Richardson often and it is still one of my most favorite places in Brooklyn.

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Velvet Brooklyn

174 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Velvet Brooklyn is a lounge situated in the center of Williamsburg, Brooklyn that offers an unique experience of cigars and drinks in a bar that resembles a prohibition-style. The bar has a mature and sexy look with a touch of velvet that is a an attractive flavor to the overall atmosphere. The bathroom and bar that are separate located in the back lounge are an excellent option to private events. Velvet Brooklyn provides a great backdrop to throw upscale and custom events, complete with delicious menu options such as wings and friendly staff all for a reasonable cost.

I had a great time I had a blast at Velvet Brooklyn as part of my engagement celebration. Jose, the manager Jose is extremely efficient and accommodating throughout the process of planning. Lounge was capable meet my requirements for the size of my party while the employees did a fantastic job. The DJ played great music The food was great, the finger food was tasty and drinks delicious (I would highly would recommend”Jesus special”) “Jesus special”). The servers were pleasant and brought a great vibe to the event. Overall I had a great evening in Velvet Brooklyn which is why I highly strongly recommend the venue to anybody searching to find a perfect location for a big or small occasion.

The Hidden Pearl

621 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Hidden Pearl Hidden Pearl is a true treasure of a lounge which is not to be overlooked. It’s located behind a ramen eatery This trendy spot located in Brooklyn serves up tasty Japanese small plates as well as exotic cocktails in a light contemporary setting. Don’t be shocked if you need to wait a while to get a seat in the comfortable lounge for 10 people however, it’s well worthwhile for distinctive drinks and the friendly service. From truffle fries, to chicken fried The food here is excellent. In addition, with an excellent choice of Sake and Japanese whiskeys There’s something for all in The Hidden Pearl.

I recently went to The Hidden Pearl for a evening with my friends. I was amazed by the warm welcome and care for particulars. Even though I was a pregnant woman, waiter Andy took the time to go beyond the call of duty to ensure my comfort by providing me a lower table as well as chairs, even providing pillows. The cocktails, both alcohol-based and non-alcoholic, were distinctive and tasty. I particularly enjoyed my Kalamansi Club cocktail as well as The Year Summer Passion mocktail. Despite its small size and long wait times, the Hidden Pearl is definitely worth visiting for its great ambience, great service, and tasty drinks and food.

Good Bar

1 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Good Bar can be the perfect location for those seeking an experience unlike any other in Brooklyn. It is a bar that listens, they play vinyl records using a turntable from the past which adds to the overall ambience of the space. In addition to offering amazing music however, Good Bar also has a varied menu of beers, burgers and drinks that are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. The address is 1 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, Good Bar is the ideal location for a relaxing cocktail with friends or for an evening out on your own.

I recently went to the Good Bar with a friend and was amazed by the vibe and overall atmosphere of the bar. Bartenders, Mo and Javier, were extremely friendly as well as made us feel at right at home. We tasted some of the menu items such as the fish tacos that were delicious. I also enjoyed trying their espresso martini which was delicious. The walk-up windows were an excellent addition that made it simple to take a drink and relax outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I particularly loved the sound of vinyl playing in the background. They provided the perfect soundtrack for our evening. Overall, I would highly recommend going to Good Bar – you won’t be disappointed!

Fresh Kills Bar

161 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

There is a Fresh Kills Bar, located at 161 Grand St in Brooklyn, is the ideal place for those who enjoy well-crafted craft cocktails. The bar is attractive and has an inviting atmosphere the bar has an innovative concept in which you provide the bartender with the flavor profile, and they prepare cocktails that is based on your personal preferences. Although some might think that the drinks are a bit too sweet, other customers praise the delicious ideas and nice ambience. No matter if you’re seeking a romantic date or a relaxing evening out with your acquaintances, Fresh Kills Bar is not to be overlooked.

As a lover of crafting cocktails and experiences that are unique I had a wonderful experience in Fresh Kills Bar. My group of friends and I visited for Halloween and were thrilled to discover a fun ambience in the booths, and gorgeous finishes throughout. Despite the ropes outside the entrance and the fact that we were seated instantly in a small group of four while the staff was top-notch. Instead of ordering a traditional drink, we outlined our favorite spirits and flavors to the bartender. And they came up with a tasty and refreshing cocktail made of gin with herbs that was a hit. While the cost was reasonable but the only drawback to the drink was it seemed too sweet for my tastes. Overall, I would highly would recommend Fresh Kills Bar for anyone seeking a distinctive bar in Brooklyn.

Rossi’s Lounge

25 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Rossi’s Lounge is a warm and enjoyable neighborhood hangout that is located in the 25th floor of Broadway located in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re looking for a trip back in time to the 1980s, this is the spot to be! The bar features game tables, John Carpenter movies, dartboards, and shuffleboards for endless entertainment. The atmosphere at Rossi’s Lounge is unparalleled in every aspect, from the reasonable costs to the amazing lighting and a fantastic collection of art that creates an informal ambience. This hidden secret can make one feel like they’ve been transported to another time.

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I had the privilege of visiting Rossi’s Lounge during my last visit to Brooklyn and was amazed by the atmosphere and ambiance of this bar in the neighborhood. The music selection was an absolute delight while the price was quite reasonable! The décor was warm and it was clear to observe that the owners have put a lot of effort and focus on making a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The barista was extremely accommodating which made me feel at the table. It’s clear that this bar is the most upscale bar/coffee spot in the city! Apart from the wonderful atmosphere Rossi’s Lounge has games on the board, such as shuffleboard and darts, which makes it an ideal hangout spot for all types of crowds. I would highly recommend the bar to anyone who is visiting or living in Brooklyn!

St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club

345 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club is a captivating venue that takes you back to it’s early Twentieth century ambience. The interior is beautifully decorated by old-fashioned ceiling fans which contribute to the retro look. The music, which spans from blues to jazz is perfectly paired with the old-fashioned style. There is a bar where you can sip your drinks and a small menu in the basement restaurant, or in the garden, which has lots of seating alternatives. If you’re planning to sit near the live music then you must purchase tickets because it could become quite loud and it can be difficult to talk. However, the outstanding service, the friendly staff and delicious food make more than. In all it’s an ideal romantic spot that has a maritime feel.

I went to St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club on a Saturday night, and I had a blast. The bar is comfortable and not too noisy, and it has a great live music program. The bartenders as well as the management are extremely friendly and professional. They ensured that I had a wonderful experience. I ordered their burger at home and it was delicious. My favorite part was their absinthe selection. There are some amazing absinthe cocktails to try. The only drawback is that these drinks are expensive, ranging from approximately $15. But the retro atmosphere, live music and great food are worth the price. I highly recommend going to St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club if you’re located in Brooklyn.

Beer Street

413 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

located on located at 413 Graham Ave in Brooklyn, Beer Street is a cozy bar and beer shop where you can find the most unique craft brews available on tap, as in bottles that are difficult to find. In addition they also hold tasting events so that you can broaden your knowledge about beer and experience something fresh. The bar has a nice relaxed atmosphere that is cosy and cozy, with dim lighting and candles that create a cozy ambience. The bar currently serves the ten drafts that rotate, along with an impressive selection of unique bottles and cans which aren’t the usual beer selection you’d typically come across. If you’re a booze lover or are looking to sample something different, Beer Street is definitely worth a stop.

A beer enthusiast I came across Beer Street on a Saturday night prior to a performance in the Brooklyn Steel. Brooklyn Steel. I was impressed by the tranquil atmosphere when I arrived around 8pm, and was impressed that it was gradually becoming busy, while still maintaining a comfortable setting. I was awed by the range of drinks on offer that included 10 rotating drafts and the bottles and cans of beer I’d never heard of before. Prices for full cans and pours vary between $8 and $11, which is reasonable considering how good the beer. I like that this bar retains the tradition of bars made of metal and beer that symbolize New York City’s nightlife. While it might appear to be an adorable little restaurant from afar, after you step inside and try their selection of beer, you’ll realize why it’s in a tie with the most popular beer bars in Brooklyn.

Maison Premiere

298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Maison Premiere is a must for seafood lovers in Brooklyn’s fashionable Williamsburg neighborhood. The menu is comprised of a selection of small dishes, oysters and well-crafted cocktails in the New Orleans style. The best part about this restaurant is their enchanting outdoor patio that makes the experience more enjoyable. The service is efficient and the staff are attentive to ensure that the dining experience you have is top-quality. The absinthe and wine menu will delight even the most discriminating drinkers. You’ll not be disappointed the experience at Maison Premiere.

I recently went to Maison Premiere with my wife who was craving for some great oysters and seafood. We were stunned by the NOLA vibes, delicious cocktails, and most important of all, the fantastic food. Every meal we tried was unique, distinct and got us excited about the next meal we ordered. The staff was accommodating and friendly. If you’re looking for a romantic evening or simply having a fun night out with your group of friends Maison Premiere can be the location to go. It is important to note that you must book a reservation prior to going there, as they’re usually very busy. We’re excited to return for oysters!

Lucky Dog

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303 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Lucky Dog is the perfect location for those who love dogs who want a pint and a fun time. The bar in Brooklyn has an animal-friendly policy as well as a warm, brick-walled watering hole ambience. You’ll find plenty of activities as well as a spacious backyard for you to relax while sipping tasty and inexpensive drinks.

If you’re thinking of a trip at Lucky Dog, I highly recommend taking your dog to accompany you on the journey. The seating area outside is large, and has plenty of space where dogs can play or stretch out their legs. The bar also has top-quality drinks with a range of low-cost options available. But, I did have an unpleasant experience with a bartender who was rude and unprofessional throughout my visit. However, I think Lucky Dog has great potential and is a must-visit spot for any dog-loving drinker in Brooklyn.

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