20 Fantastic happy hours bar in Chelsea

Are you in search of the perfect place to relax after an exhausting day at work? Don’t look any further! We’ve put together 20 of the most popular bars for happy hour in Chelsea. From delicious snacks to refreshing drinks, these bars have the perfect blend of food and drinks as well as a great atmosphere. Don’t miss these amazing options for your next night-time social gathering.

Cooper’s Craft & Cocktails

163 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Cooper’s Craft and Cocktails is a fashionable hangout in the middle of Chelsea, New York. The open brick walls and light-filled atmosphere create the perfect spot to sit back and relax while enjoying craft beer while enjoying some unique bar food. If you’re looking to get together with the people you know or go out with your partner for a night out on the night Cooper’s Craft & Cocktails has got everything covered.

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Cooper’s Craft & Cocktails and I must say that it was a great experience! The vibe was jovial and warm and the bartenders exceptionally helpful and friendly. Cocktails were certainly on a higher-priced than usual but they were skillfully made and definitely worth the price. I also tried the burger and fries that were absolutely delicious. Overall, I would highly recommend Cooper’s Craft & Drinks to anyone who is looking for the perfect place to relax and enjoy amazing beverages and food.

The Copper Still Chelsea

206 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Copper Still Chelsea Copper Still Chelsea is a bar and restaurant that is located at the address 206 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011. With a huge selection of more than 300 bottles spirits and whiskey This establishment is able to pour your favourite drink. Copper Still Chelsea Copper Still Chelsea is an authentic Irish pub that offers the latest version of pub food, as well as an authentic Guinness pour. The pub-style interior and the diverse crowd create a lively, energetic atmosphere that is ideal for an evening out. In addition their special deals during happy hour and tasty drinks make this one of the most popular bars to be in town.

After having read a few critiques, The Copper Still Chelsea is a great spot for brunch or happy hour. I love that the environment is fun and lively and offers a wide variety of drinks, including more than 300 whiskey bottles and spirits. Breakfast burgers as well as fish tacos and pork sliders sound all delicious. The portions are however, to be small, and certain dishes, like the fish tacos weren’t wrapped in a double wrap, which made the food difficult to consume. The prices are reasonable, but some of the menu items, like the tater-tots can be considered too expensive in comparison to what they’re worth. The service is mixed with some reviewers reporting great experience, while others aren’t as very much. In general, I’d like to give this restaurant a go as a place to have happy hour cocktails or bites with friends.

The Chelsea Bell

316 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Chelsea Bell Chelsea Bell is a neighborhood Tavern located in New York, situated at 316 8th Ave with an industrial style that is perfect for those who love sports. The menu is filled with craft beers as well as elevated bar snacks. If you’re looking for a great place to relax with your pals or catch some sports on television, The Chelsea Bell is the ideal spot.

This week I had the chance to eat in The Chelsea Bell with three other friends. I must say it was a wonderful experience. Drinks and food were delicious. We sampled our hands at the Hells Bells and buffalo chicken Nachos, then the chicken sandwich, and Three Chelsea Burgers. The Moscow Mules and the beer were refreshing as well. While I was there I had the sliders which was my favorite and some vegan options included waffles, pancakes, and even potatoes. The staff were welcoming and offered excellent service. I like that they hold nightly board games with a group known as Shenanigans on Mondays. It is a fun method to meet people from the area. I would highly suggest The Chelsea Bell for a fantastic evening out.

Trailer Park Lounge

271 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
The Trailer Park Lounge is a must-see spot for anyone seeking a lively and quirky experience located in the middle of New York City. The ambiance of a roadhouse, complete with antique Americana decor, sets the stage for the traditional food and drinks served by this lounge. From juicy burgers and crispy Tater tots Trailer Park Lounge has plenty of food for every person. The tots loaded with chili are highly recommended and are perfect with an ice cold PBR. The non-food items, like the pitchers of drinks as well as sweet potato fries are reasonable priced and ideal to share with your people you know. Overall it’s a great place to hang out. Trailer Park Lounge is the ideal spot for having fun and great company.

I recently went to Trailer Park Lounge and was amazed by the overall shabby chic style of the place. The decor is a perfect tribute to the classic trailer park style that included retro furniture and old-fashioned signs. Although I did not try the food for myself The drinks were good and refreshing. The staff was pleasant and warm, which made the whole experience more enjoyable. The only negative was that the burger was good and left me slightly dissatisfied. The chili-loaded tots were an outstanding item and definitely worth trying. All in all, Trailer Park Lounge is an exciting and unique place for grabbing snacks and drinks with your people you know.


271 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Porchlight can be described as a pub within New York City that offers small bites and cocktails that are inspired by the South inside a well-lit area. The bar is operated by Danny Meyer and features a variety of drinks that include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Customers are impressed by the prompt service of the staff, who constantly making sure they are checking in and replenishing their water. One distinctive aspect of Porchlight is live music on Mondays. The music is an uplifting folk-style voice and guitar trio and enhances the overall atmosphere of the venue. The warm and rustic lighting, along with the possibility of board games makes Porchlight an ideal location for casual gatherings and gatherings.

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As a frequent patron of Porchlight I can affirm that I had a wonderful time with this restaurant. Cheese dip and collards were delicious and were a perfect match with the baguette that was toasted along with tortilla chips. I also loved the chicken sliders that were fried that were scrumptious. One thing that really stood out for me was the vast selection of beverages, which included various virgin cocktails for those who don’t drink or those seeking alternatives that aren’t as alcoholic. The ambience was warm and welcoming with light and soft décor that gave an ambiance that was relaxing. The staff was attentive and served excellent throughout the evening. Overall, I would suggest Porchlight to anyone in search of the best place to eat in NYC.

Bar B

a couple of people sitting at a table outside of a restaurant

84 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Bar B is an adorable Italian standing-room-only restaurant that is situated at the 84th floor of 7th Ave in New York City. The intimate place serves a tempting variety of Italian wines served by glass, along with delicious bruschetta and pasta food items. It is necessary to stand when you sit down, as the tiny space isn’t able to seat. However, don’t let this deter you from coming! The reasonable prices, delicious food, and friendly service more than compensate for the lack of seating. If you’re searching for a casual, cozy place to host your evening out with friends or a date night out with your friends, Bar B may just be the right location for you!

On my last visit to Bar B I was stunned by the excellent food and the great atmosphere. The tapas-style food was an excellent match with the Italian wine selection. In the evening of Saturday, I tried many dishes like prosciutto with the figs, a cheese platter as well as beet salad and shrimps, all of which were delicious and reasonably priced. Although the restaurant is tiny and standing only, the decor was gorgeous and the service were welcoming and accommodating. However, what truly stood out was the outstanding food. Particularly the scallop and skirt steak carpaccio were outstanding. The staff was friendly as was the food. The music, a sophisticated and varied mix – created an incredible ambience. We highly recommend Bar B Bar B – it’s an experience to behold!

The Tippler

425 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011

located at 425 West 15th St, New York, NY 10011, The Tippler is a distinctive and cosy tavern located under Chelsea Market. The interior is decorated with salvaged décor, arching brick walls, wood columns Persian rug, dim light, giving this hidden gem an old fashion, modern look. The menu of drinks is innovative and fun, with alcohol-free and non-alcoholic choices which cater to the needs of all guests. DJs regularly visit the venue which adds to the already pleasant atmosphere, making The Tippler an absolute must-visit for everyone in the region.

I am a lover of exploring hidden treasures throughout New York, The Tippler was on my must-see list of places to visit. When I arrived I was stunned by the unique and distinctive entrance to the Tavern. The rustic decor as well as dim light, paired with the warm and friendly staff, created an enjoyable experience. The menu for drinks was enjoyable and interesting as well as the mocktail I opted for being particularly delicious. All in all, The Tippler was a enjoyable and memorable experience can be recommended to anybody searching for a unique and cool location within Chelsea Market.

Jungle Bird

174 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Jungle Bird is a must-visit location for anyone seeking Southeast Asian and California-inspired fare along with classic and tropical cocktails. This unique restaurant is located on 173 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011. The drinks at this establishment are unbeatable and the food is absolutely delicious. The Jungle Fries and the spring rolls are absolutely delicious and are made perfectly. The ambience at the eatery is lovely with nostalgic songs and wallpapers that make the whole experience.

I had the privilege of going to Jungle Bird on a Saturday evening for drinks and snacks. I have to say, it was an amazing experience. The drinks were a perfect 10/10 as was the food incredible and delicious, particularly the Spring rolls and the Jungle Fries. The service was impeccable and the setting was amazing. The retro background music made me feel as if I was transported to a different time and location. I can’t be more pleased with Jungle Bird enough. I will definitely be to the show again soon. Make sure to taste the garlic fried over the fries. They absolutely took the cake for me!

Lobby Bar at The Hotel Chelsea

226 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
The Lobby Bar located at The Hotel Chelsea in midtown Manhattan is an ideal location to relax after spending time in the lively Chelsea neighborhood. The bar features a comprehensive wine and bar menu as well as creatively-prepared small snacks along with seasonal cocktail menus. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere as well as the close access to major attractions makes it the ideal spot to spend a romantic evening or night out with your friends.

I enjoyed a visit to The Lobby Bar at The Hotel Chelsea and was attracted by the gorgeous ambiance. The service was excellent and the couches and artwork gave it an additional elegant touch. Although the prices were somewhat higher I was expecting that given the location that is a top one in Chelsea. However, the cocktails weren’t up to the standard of other upscale bar in NYC and were also more expensive. However the warm and welcoming staff and warm, welcoming atmosphere ensured that my visit to The Lobby Bar one to be remembered. I strongly would recommend this hidden jewel to those looking for a peaceful and enjoyable night out. Overall I would rate the Lobby Bar with a solid four out of five stars.

Bathtub Gin

132 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Bathtub Gin is a hidden gem on the address 132 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011 perfect for those who want a classic speakeasy vibe. The small-plate eatery and cocktail bar based on gin is a great spot to enjoy having a fun night out with family or friends for a romantic evening. Although the entrance is not branded, the interior is stunningly decorated in an 1920s-inspired ambiance.

As an AI model of language I was unable to go to Bathtub Gin physically, however from the reviews I read the place is an ideal place to visit one time in your life. The burlesque performance should be seen, however it’s only on Sundays and Thursdays. Gin selections are also notable and makes it an ideal location for lovers of gin. The atmosphere and the setting will transport you back to the days of speakeasy bars, and the drinks are well worth the cost. But if are looking to find a spot for a chat, Bathtub Gin may not be the best choice since the volume of noise can be very loud. If you’re looking for a new, undiscovered place with excellent cocktails and a 1920s-inspired vibe, Bathtub Gin is highly recommended.

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“One Star”

147 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011

One Star is a unique bar with a simple design, situated at the 147th floor of 24th St in New York City. Their menu of drinks offers an assortment of beers, available on tap or in cans, with affordable costs. The venue also has weekly trivia nights for those who like challenging themselves. The ambience of One Star is laid back and warm, ideal for those seeking an evening of fun and relaxation.

While at One Star, I had the chance for a game of trivia my friends. The drinks were affordable and were sipped smoothly while we fought other teams. We even had the option to bring food, which was an enjoyable evening that was relaxed and comfortable. However, the volume was just a bit loud for me. The high-pitched music and trivia caused me to be unable to hold conversations with my friends. In addition, the cocktails weren’t up to scratch and it was difficult to differentiate between various drinks. In the end, One Star is a excellent choice for a simple evening out, but I’d suggest wearing earplugs and staying with the beer choices.

Gadfly Bar

258 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011

Gadfly Bar is a hidden gem that is located in the middle in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The local bar is ideal for sipping a drink and an eat-in with your friends. The bar is well-known for its extensive selection of whiskey and beers, Gadfly Bar is the ideal spot to relax and unwind after a tiring day. Happy hour is available from 3-6 pm on weekdays, and there are every day a great atmosphere that can be enjoyed all day long.

I recently went to Gadfly Bar during a trip to New York City. The welcoming atmosphere and the friendly personnel made me feel at right at home. I opted to order a couple of Manhattans by the bartender Regina who made them perfectly. The drinks were tasty and the general atmosphere at the bar is excellent. I would highly strongly recommend Gadfly Bar to anyone looking for a relaxing location to spend time with friends.

Bar Avant / Apres Bar

a view of a bar with people sitting at the bar

601 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

Bar Avant Bar Avant Apres Bar is a bar with a French-Japanese theme that is situated within the Olly Olly Market in New York City. The bar was the idea by Julia Momose and features a distinctive blend of flavors and ingredients that will entice your palate. Cocktails that are classic to innovative cocktails the The Bar Avant / Apres Bar has something for every person. Enjoy the wonderful vibes of this stylish bar with a glass of wine while watching your favorite sports or films using the projected screen.

After visiting Bar Avant / Apres Bar I was surprised to find that the service was quite slow. Although the bar was not busy It took quite a bit of time to finish an alcohol drink. After I got my drink I found that they were fine. The atmosphere of the bar was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed watching soccer and movies on the projection screen. I must thank Steven who was a great bartender, and who made a great drink. In the end, Bar Avant / Apres Bar is a nice bar to sit and have an alcoholic drink or two.

District Local

72 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

District Local is an absolute dining experience for those who love Mediterranean food. The kitchen serves a variety of hearty meals made with local ingredients that are guaranteed to please your palate. The address is 72 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011, this casual restaurant has a rustic style that is a part of its appeal. No matter if you’re seeking fast snacks or a complete food experience, District Local has something for all.

When I recently visited District Local, I was amazed by the friendly service and the premium beverages available. The bartender was warm and knowledgeable, and created one of the finest Old Fashions I’ve ever had. I was awed by the variety of options on the menu I was unable to resist taking a bite of the shrimp flatbread. brussel sprouts along with goat cheese croquettes and wings. The food was delicious and I especially enjoyed the meatballs that were filled with flavour. The beer selection was a bit disappointing The bartender was quick to rectify the issue by compensating the beer and providing canned beer instead. Overall, District Local is a excellent place for foodies and casual eaters alike.

Crompton Ale House

159 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

Its name is Crompton Ale House. Crompton Ale House is a chic tavern, situated on 16159 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001, with shelves of books that offer American pub food with a an old-fashioned flair. The perfect place to satisfy those who want an inviting atmosphere and delicious pub food. The warm and welcoming service will leave you feeling like comfortable as you savor their tasty menu which is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. You can enjoy the pigs covered with a blanket and sliders with a cold drink while enjoying the warm setting.

I had an amazing visit to Crompton The Ale House. I went there on a weekend afternoon for an easy lunch. The service was exceptional and the Crompton hamburger was delectable. It is highly recommended to try the spiced fries as well as the Peachy Bellini cocktails. The ambience was cozy and inviting. I’m looking forward to going back to the restaurant again in the near future. It’s the ideal location for those who want go exploring this area. Chelsea, Manhattan area.

During my time in NYC I went to Crompton Ale House numerous times. On the first night my family and I were all dining there, and we were amazed by the variety of food available and the excellent food. The service was excellent and took great the time to take care of our needs. We visited several times after drinking and the bar’s proprietor Shane and his employees Roger as well as Leo were excellent. I highly recommend this establishment to those seeking a dinner or drinks, or even a family dinner. You will not be disappointed!

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Tequila Chito’s Mexican Bar & Grill

358 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Tequila Chito’s Mexican Bar & Grill is an informal, relaxed restaurant that is located in the fashionable Chelsea neighborhood. In case you’re seeking a place to relax after work or to catch up with your acquaintances then this is the place for you. The guacamole they serve is prepared tableside and is among their most requested items particularly during their margarita-fuelled happy hour. If you’re seeking a larger selection of options for food you might be disappointed.

As a frequent patron to Tequila Chito’s Mexican Bar and Grill I was eager to visit again following Covid, but unfortunately, my experience was not a great one. The restaurant was not fully staffed on the night I went which resulted in major delay in the service. It took about 20 minutes to have my water arrive and the food took nearly an hour to be served. The food was good however I found the enchilada with steak priced too high, as the food was bland and dry taste. I also thought portions were tiny for the cost. However the guacamole was excellent as it was in the past. Overall, although I might go back for a drink during happy hour I’m likely to not eat there and instead look for alternative dining options within the vicinity.

Death Ave

315 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Death Ave – Rustic-Chic Greek-Style Cuisine and House-Brewed Beers
Do you want a rustic, yet stylish eating experience New York? Visit Death Ave for some delicious Greek-inspired food, cocktails and beers brewed by the house. The address is 315 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001, this restaurant has a comfortable rear patio, perfect for sipping delicious drinks and food in a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant offers great service and a menu that offers a wide range of tasty meals that are delicious, this is the ideal place to enjoy an evening out with your the family or to enjoy a romantic dinner with your special someone.

My Review of Death Ave
I set a goal to dine on Death Ave whenever I’m in New York. The warm and cozy ambience and the delicious food never fail. The flavours are strong and distinctive, and I love their Greek-inspired dishes. On my last visit I enjoyed their octopus which was perfect in its cooking. The staff was quick and welcoming and the overall experience was fantastic. The beers they brewed in house were special and went with the food perfectly. I would highly suggest Death Ave for anyone who is looking for an amazing eating experience New York.

Jake’s Saloon

206 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Jake’s Saloon is a pub situated in the heart of New York City, serving bar food and beverages to tourists and locals alike. The lunch menu is highly sought-after by customers as are the happy hour and sporting events on television. Despite their relaxed and casual environment, a few customers have expressed their discontent with their food or service.

My dining experience in Jake’s Saloon did not live up to the five-star review I read about on the internet. The burger I had ordered was bland while the bun became spongy at the point I had eaten half of it. In addition I was charged an extra amount to include cheese in my hamburger. Fish and chips that my friend ordered was also not very good and had marks of batter that was not cooked making the meal less enjoyable. The service was not as good the way our server made two visits to us during the meal and seemed distracted by other work. Although the ambience was welcoming enough, I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant for subpar food and poor service.

Mustang Harry’s

352 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Mustang Harry’s is a sports bar situated near Madison Square Garden in New York City. This vibrant establishment serves bar food and drinks to satisfy thirsty and hungry sports enthusiasts alike. The proprietor of Mustang Harry’s is waiting for you upon entering and the bartender is excellent pouring refreshing cool drinks. The food served at Mustang Harry’s is outstanding and features original menu items as well as a fantastic display of desserts. If you’re catching up with your friends or enjoying an eat-in prior to a concert, you will love the casual atmosphere and excellent service.

I recently went to Mustang Harry’s for a quick dinner with my family prior to attending a concert in Madison Square Garden. We were impressed by how fast and efficient the service was. It allowed us to get our food in under one hour. The food was decent overall but the best food being garlic-infused fries. But, my mac and cheese appetizer was not the best. Corned Beef Sandwich was an absolute big hit for my dad, and my girlfriend was a fan of the lettuce wraps and my mom was a fan of their steak sandwich. Overall the service and the casual ambience were excellent and I’d certainly be tempted to return before another show at MSG.

Crown Alley

263 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011
Crown Alley is a hidden treasure located at 263 West 19th St in New York City. If you’re looking for a slender relaxed bar that offers great drinks, tasty food and a welcoming patrons, Crown Alley is the ideal spot. No matter if you’re craving for sandwiches, beers or salads, or even sides this bar is cozy and offers it all. The outdoor seating is gorgeous and ideal for enjoying the sunshine. Crown Alley offers an unbeatable happy hour menu that will not be expensive.

I recently went to Crown Alley and I can be certain that it’s one of my top places to go in downtown. Happy hour deals are great value while the Negroni was among the finest I’ve ever experienced. Outdoor seating is ideal to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather as was the staff, who were quick and pleasant. While the bar isn’t huge but it creates an intimate and cozy ambience. My only issue is that they appeared to be understaffed during my time there, however the server we dealt with was extremely professional and tried his best to give us top-quality service. I highly recommend going to Crown Alley for their fantastic happy hour deals and relaxed atmosphere.

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