20 Delicious Bakeries in Chelsea

Are you in search of the most delicious bakeries in Chelsea? Do not look further! We’ve compiled a list the best bakeries to satisfy the sweet tooth of any. From classic croissants to delicious macarons. These bakeries provide various delicious desserts that will make you want more. Explore these bakeries and enjoy the finest desserts in Chelsea.

Big Booty Bread Co

261 West 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

Big Booty Bread Co is a bakery that is located within a counter-serve with a low-key design located in New York City. The bakery provides American as well as Latin American breads, cakes empanadas and sandwiches for its customers to try. This unique bakery is ideal for those who want to experience unique and delicious baked items that the city offers.

While during my time in New York City, I went to Big Booty Bread Co a total of four times. I was staying in the Chelsea hotel right across the street, and the convenience was unparalleled. Each time I went to the hotel I was welcomed by warm and welcoming staff who were always pleased to help me. I was enthralled by the watermelon mint lemonade which was cold and refreshing. Everything I ate in the Big Booty Bread Co was top-quality. Starting with The Red Velvet Cupcake, which was among the best in Manhattan and to it’s Dulce De Leche Cupcake that was like heaven in taste as well as the bread that was delicious as well. The price for these sweets was reasonable and worth the price. I would highly recommend this cozy and charming bakery to anyone seeking an indulgence within The Big Apple.

Empire Cake

two people standing outside of a cake shop

112 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Empire Cake is a charming bakery within New York, serving unique and traditional treats like homemade Twinkies made by the bakery, special cakes and coffee. The setting is warm and inviting, perfect to visit for a sweet treat or for a quick coffee break. They have a variety of choices however their signature strawberry lemon cake is something you must try. Additionally, they have diverse party supplies like cakes, candles, and birthday cards which makes it the perfect late-night party stop. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied. Empire Cake is a must-visit for anyone who loves desserts who is in the area.

As a huge cake lover I can say with confidence the Empire Cake is my favorite cake shop in the city. One of the cakes they created to me was an Google themed birthday cake for my husband’s birthday. the second cake was to commemorate our wedding. The cakes exceeded my expectations and the quality of the work was exceptional. They even recreated the exact ring box in which the Tiffany engagement ring arrived in! The staff is friendly and accommodating and work hard to ensure that the finished result is exactly what you wanted. I’m eagerly awaiting another cake with Empire and think about ordering for my cake at wedding from Empire. Highly recommended!

City Cakes

155 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

City Cakes is a New York-based bakery that provides an array of cakes as well as cupcakes and cookies for any occasion. From custom-designed cakes to basic flavor options, the bakery will be sure satisfaction for your craving for sweets. The bakery also provides cakes-making classes for those who are interested in learning the art of baking cakes. The address is the address 155 18th St. 18th St, New York, NY 10011, City Cakes is the best place for a delicious escape!

While visiting New York, I stumbled on City Cakes during Easter weekend, and it was a delight to discover. The aroma and flavors of their cookies and cakes were absolutely delicious. I had the strawberry cheesecake as well as the chocolate mousse and both were filled with delicious fillings. The cakes’ slices were plentiful and the prices reasonable as well. The design of the interior for the cafe was stunning and it enhanced the ambience of the establishment. What stood out more so, was the staff of the bakery The bakery’s staff members – Frankie and Deandra They were extremely friendly and efficient. They were able to answer all of our questions and helped us feel very special. We were also informed that the bakery makes customized cakes that look exactly like yours it’s fantastic! After reviewing the order we learned that the owner was an expert judge on the cake show on the Disney channel. The show is the reason why the bakery’s desserts are of high-quality. Overall I had an amazing time at City Cakes and would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking delicious food within New York.

Magnolia Bakery

20 Hudson Yards #4, New York, NY 10001
Magnolia Bakery, located in New York City, is an excellent bakery that serves traditional, homemade cupcakes along with pies and a variety of other sweets. The cheerful bakery features an open counter where customers can pick from a large range of baked products. Magnolia Bakery has been a frequent stop for tourists and locals alike. It’s well-known for its delicious freshly baked goods. If you’ve got cravings for sweets and are looking for a sweet spot, this is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth!

I’ve been eager to experiencing Magnolia Bakery for a long time, but finally was given the chance to go there. I was not dissatisfied! I tried four of the options from the menu, which included the banana pudding, brownie red velvet cupcake the salted caramel and pecan cheesecake. While the brownie wasn’t as soft as I had hoped but it was nevertheless delicious. The banana pudding was not as crunchy however the taste was tasty nonetheless. The cake was light and soft, and melting into my mouth. However, I would have liked it to be more sweet. Then, last but not least the cheesecake was amazing! There was a perfect balance of flavors while the cake’s texture was as smooth like silk. I would highly would recommend Magnolia Bakery to anyone looking for delicious baked products!

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My experiences at Magnolia Bakery wasn’t as good as I had imagined. I was celebrating my birthday and I decided to treat my self to a birthday cake and sample the banana pudding I had heard about so many times. I picked up a strawberry and a red velvet cake along with a small portion of banana pudding as well as a piece of cake with chocolate. Although it was tasty but the cake with chocolate was very hard and smelled old and I was unable to take my fork through it. The cupcakes tasted like frozen and the icing had a peculiar taste. I decided to throw them away because it cost me money! The service was awful The cashier and server were managed by a single person and the cappuccino I had ordered was awful. I would like to get a refund for this bad experience.

HARBS Chelsea

198 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Harbs Chelsea: High Quality Japanese-Style Cakes and Sandwiches in New York City

The address is situated at 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, Harbs Chelsea serves up delicious Japanese-style desserts and sandwiches which will leave your taste buds satisfied. The restaurant is ideal for those seeking a luxurious and distinctive dining experience. The rooms are decorated with banquettes and serving exotic coffees and teas, Harbs Chelsea offers not only a luxurious meal, but also an exclusive setting.

My Review of Harbs Chelsea

The last time I was in London, I got the opportunity to go to Harbs Chelsea which was an amazing experience. The restaurant was very Japanese and the vibe was unique and fascinating. I thought the Irish cream cheesecake that I tried was delectable, however my personal opinion is that the amount could have been larger, given the price it cost. The lunch set is a fantastic deal and includes lunch or a salad along with a drink and a piece of cake to enjoy throughout the entire day. A BLT sandwich is a must that comes made with toasted bread that is perfectly cooked and large bacon slices. The strawberry cake that is the signature of the restaurant is also delicious! I highly recommend trying the lunch menu with your group of friends, even though it might be a little expensive for certain. All in all, Harbs Chelsea is a great place to have a brunch with friends and eat delicious, fresh salads and sandwiches, as well as the finest Japanese cakes you can find in the city.

La Bergamote (Chelsea)

177 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011
La Bergamote, located in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City, is a delightful bakery and café serving a delicious selection of breads, pastries, and croissants as well as all-inclusive meals for lunch, breakfast and dinner. If you’re looking to indulge in a rich almond croissant, or you’re looking to enjoy classic brunch dishes such as eggs Benedict or a delightful Almond Berry French Toast La Bergamote is a must-visit. The cafe also has an array of delicious drinks and desserts including cold and hot.

I recently went to La Bergamote and was blown by the deliciousness of their desserts. Peach puff pastry was absolutely tasty, featuring a crisp shape and a delicious combination of peach and creme patissiere. However, what made the difference for myself was my almond-crusted croissant that was truly amazing. The filling had a delicious consistency, with roughly chopped almonds, and not overly sweet, which created an unusual flavor profile that was truly a delight to enjoy. Highly recommend making a trip to La Bergamote and especially eating their delicious pastriesas they’re truly worth a mention.

The Protein Bakery

144 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

Are you searching for an establishment that can provide healthy and delicious foods? You should visit The Protein Bakery! It is located in the heart of New York City, this popular kosher bakery is specialized in making high-protein desserts without gluten-free flours or other preservatives. No matter if you’re looking you to enjoy a delicious brownie or a guilt-free cookie the bakery has the goods covered. Their staff is extremely helpful and welcoming and adds to the overall satisfaction.

As someone who adheres to an incredibly low-carb and low-sugar lifestyle, I am delighted to discover the Protein Bakery. The prepackaged protein-packed brownies and cookies are the perfect treat for me. I am ecstatic that I can enjoy them without jeopardizing my macro and micro intake. These aren’t “diet treats” or food supplements – they’re simple baked products which happen to be protein-inspired. My personal favorite is the blondie. But the birthday blondie and the oatmeal Raisin Cookies are also delicious. I keep them into the freezer so that I can make my yogurt or ice cream that is sugar-free for a delicious treat at the weekend. If you’re in search of gift ideas the Protein Bakery is a great alternative – your loved ones will be thrilled by these, and you won’t have to cook anything!

ALF Bakery

Chelsea Market Lower Level, 435 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011
ALF Bakery is a hidden treasure located within the Lower Level of Chelsea Market in New York City. The owner of the bakery as well as head baker Amadou Ly is fascinated by the process of fermentation as well as the traditional ways of bread-making, which is incorporated into his recipes. ALF Bakery offers a variety of mouth-watering fresh baked breads, viennoiseries, breads, pastries, babka and sandwiches. Amadou’s emphasis on minimal involvement during the bread-making process allows customers to taste the real nature of “living bread”. With a deep-rooted knowledge base and knowledge gained from working in several of the top revered and creative cooking establishments of NYC, Amadou delivers his own ideas and designs with enthusiasm.

I recently went to ALF Bakery, and was amazed by the incredible quality of their breads. Prices were reasonable and the décor was charming and inviting. With a wide selection of options for pastry I decided to try the baguette and plain croissant and brioche that was laminated. they all tasted delicious. Their delicate and smooth texture was apparent and my personal favorite is the baguette. I’m excited to go again soon to sample their famous Laminated Baguette. While it can be a little busy, ALF Bakery is definitely worth the trip, and is among the top contenders for the top Bakery in Chicago.

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Paris Baguette

371 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Paris Baguette located at 371 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001 is a temporary bakery that is closed on weekends. The bakery/shop offers high-quality items that satisfy customers’ needs throughout the day. The selection of their pastry is worth a try including sweet pies, croissants, and much more. Additionally, they offer teas, cold drinks and a table that is able to accommodate customers. What makes them stand out is their friendly staff with a welcoming and warm ambience. Visit the place yourself and bring something special to your loved family members.

I visited Paris Baguette at 371 7th Ave, New York, and had a fantastic experience! The desserts were absolutely delicious and the staff were warm and friendly. The prices were reasonable and very good for the food I received. However, some dishes were dry and somewhat expensive. But, it was definitely worth a visit. The service at the counter was awful because some employees seemed to be unhappy and uninterested. However, overall I’d definitely recommend this bakery to anyone wanting to sample the best pastry.

Magnolia Bakery – Moynihan Train Hall

383 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Magnolia Bakery – Moynihan Train Hall is a jolly bakery that is located in 383 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001. They provide classic cupcakes made from scratch and other sweets on the counter. If you’re looking for tasty and rich sweets, with a wide range of flavors to suit everyone’s tastes, Magnolia Bakery is the ideal place to go. The women who take care of customers in breakfast are warm and welcoming which adds to the wonderful ambience of the bakery. Try their coffee latte, which comes with double chocolate brownies and Blueberry Cheesecake. Highly highly recommended!

As a patron of Magnolia Bakery on 28/4/2023, I was incredibly impressed by the variety of desserts available. Ben was able to handle all my needs professionally and was friendly and left a lasting impression. The restaurant will be noted as a must-visit desserts spot when I travel to NYC. I also had their limited-edition flavour peach cobbler which was fantastic and the perfect size to share with two people. This banana dessert is among the most amazing I’ve had ever, and that’s just the beginning. There is also an option that is vegan to the banana pudding which is awe-inspiring. Blueberry Cheesecake is delicious, and earned an impressive 8/10. The chocolate-layered cake served in a cup was barely above average, and I would not say it’s a must-try. Overall, I would highly recommend going to Magnolia Bakery for a sweet snack when there’s a chance to visit New York City.

Trent’s Bakery and Cupcake Shop

165 W 26th St #2W, New York, NY 10001

Trent’s Bakery and Cupcake Shop is the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for sweets. Their cupcakes are made with traditional family recipes, making the most moist and soft cupcakes you’ll ever eat. They make use of fresh ingredients that are exclusive to their region that ensure an authentic and seasonal flavor each bite. Trent’s Bakery and Cupcake Shop is the perfect place to shop in all cupcake cravings throughout New York City.

I was able to go to Trent’s Bakery and Cupcake Shop in the past, and I must say they were some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had throughout New York City! I bought Red Velvet cupcakes for my son’s birthday and they were a hit with him. Trent the owner was extremely helpful and skilled, making the entire procedure a breeze. On another occasion I placed an order for 12 cupcakes for the team I work with at work. Unfortunately at the time I reached the office (a 15 minute walk) the majority of cupcakes fell over and were smashed together. I believe Trent must make investments in better packaging. Despite the packaging the cupcakes tasted amazing. Trent’s Bakery and Cupcake Shop is my preferred place to buy cupcakes from. I’d highly recommend anyone in search of amazing cupcakes and cakes located in New York City.

Patisserie Chanson

20 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Patisserie Chanson, located at 20 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010, provides a wide selection of fine desserts and pastries and also afternoon tea served in a newly renovated Prohibition time building. The experience is distinctive and elegant, since the interior decor is chic and inviting. The bakery is known as a place to enjoy some of the best baked goods available in NYC.

I went to Patisserie Chanson having high hopes However I was not pleased. I bought two croissants and one lemon cake slice. The croissants tasted just like regular bread, but not fresh and the texture did not have the expected layers. The lemon cake tasted great, but it was quite tall and was placed into a plastic container which was not tall enough and made the salesperson close the lid vigorously and crushing it over the cake’s top. However the lemon sticks were placed above the cream. In the end, I’m dissatisfied by the experience. However my friend went to the lovely bakery and was impressed by their brunch menu that was delicious. She opted for salmon and ham croissants and their signature Blood Orange and Earl Grey chocolate mousse, as well as the Lemon Yuzu Meringue Eclair to enjoy brunch on Madison Square Park, which is right in front of the bakery. The food was delicious and fresh. delicious, which made it a wonderful experience. In closing, I would recommend the raspberry croissant that was fresh and delicious. It was paired with delicious coffee and pastry and I was awed by the chic interior design.

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The Bread Factory

470 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018

The Bread Factory is a fantastic location for those seeking an easy and casual dining experience within New York City. It is located at 747 7th Ave, this restaurant serves sandwiches, soups and pastries as well as various other lunch and breakfast options that are great for takeaway or for a quick, sit-down dinner. There is indoor dining as well as the capacity to seat up to 20 guests Bread Factory is a great place to eat. Bread Factory is a great choice for those traveling and seeking something tasty to take home.

I recently went to The Bread Factory and was pleasantly impressed by the quality of the food and effectiveness and efficiency of their staff. I ordered a green tea as well as a green bowl of salad made from spinach, tomato, green peppers chickpeas and mushrooms. I also had green apples, with an vinegar and oil dressing and it was all healthy and fresh. The place was well maintained and extremely tidy and there was soothing music playing on the background. The staff was extremely welcoming and made sure I had everything I needed, and even providing free Wi-Fi to customers. Overall, the Bread Factory is a great spot to grab an easy and nutritious meal in the busy New York city. New York.

La Delice Pastry Shop

372 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

La Delice Pastry Shop is an old-fashioned bakery situated on 372 3rd Ave, New York. It is famous for its wide selection of cupcakes, cookies and other pastries, as well customized cakes. The bakery is known for its low pricing, and offers a variety of desserts for customers to choose from.

I am a huge lover of the La Delice Pastry Shop’s Pinole Cookies. These cookies are very soft and delicious. I’ve been coming here for a long time and I always get these cookies. And that’s not even counting the vast varieties of other desserts such as cake, that are wonderful. The quality of the food here is exceptional and well worth every cent. The staff is helpful and provides fast service which is a major positive in my opinion. Another benefit of this store is the fact that they provide cheap prices, making it an ideal place to go for all my baking requirements. I highly recommend going to La Delice Pastry Shop.

“Pretty amazing bakery that makes traditional cakes and biscuits. One of the few places to get a birthday cake to order for an affordable price. Fantastic shop, I hoping it will never shut down,” wrote one satisfied customer. Another reviewer wrote, “Good cakes and treats in this humble and basic family-owned and operated bakery and cake shop. We usually purchase Birthday cake for the employees at this location. The cost is reasonable with friendly service and it tastes decent. The service is quick, for instance, they made a cake within four hours of placing our request.” They also informed us that the store offers a variety of sweets ($2.5-4.50) which include cakes, eclairs and cake slices. cream puffs, cannoli and so on. as well as cookies.

Fabrique Bakery

a bakery filled with lots of different types of bread

348 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014

Fabrique Bakery is a beloved Swedish bakery chain that is located inside New York City. This bakery’s outpost is located at 348 West 14th St is a haven for those who love pastry, offering tasty pastries sure satisfy any sweet craving. One of their most popular items is their famous Cardamom and Cinnamon Buns that are soft, delicious and must try. The European style of the bakery is only a bonus to the overall experience, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere which makes it impossible to stay for a while and enjoy each bite of deliciousness.

I enjoyed a visit to Fabrique Bakery and was blown amazed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere and delicious variety of bread and pastries. The best part of my visit was the Cardamom bun. The flavors were well-balanced it was hard to resist grabbing an additional. The European style makes this feel like real Swedish bakery and the staff were friendly and accommodating. Although their cinnamon bread was delicious however, it wasn’t able to be as distinctive as cardsamom bread. But, Fabrique Bakery is still an excellent place to visit, especially when you’re in search of the perfect food item or bringing things to at a potluck. Its coffee is exceptional which is why I brought bags of whole beans back home!


a display case filled with lots of different types of doughnuts

28 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011
Mah-Ze Dahr is a delectable cafe and bakery located in the center of New York City. The café/bakery has gained recognition because it is owned by Tom Colicchio, the well-known chef and the proprietor of Gramercy Tavern in New York City. Mah-Ze-Dahr provides a variety of baked goods, including brownies, cakes and cookies, as well as sweet and savory treats that taste delicious. Visit and try the deliciousness to yourself. 28 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011.

I must say that Mah-Ze Dahr is easily my most favorite bakery in NYC which is not a lot! The sweets are not only tasty however, the savory desserts are amazing also. The croissants are my favorite. They’re beautifully coated and flaky and have the perfect amount of buttery sweetness. I highly recommend the turkey gruyere croissant, it’s an absolute game changer! It is important to remember that the place is busy, particularly on weekends, so be sure to arrive early if you’re planning to taste the bread. The food is not only excellent, but the staff is very friendly and their coffee great. They also offer dog treats my dog cannot get enough of. If you’re in search of an outlet to satisfy your cravings for sweets or savory Look at Mah-Ze Dahr!

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